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  The following text is for questions 1 to 4
           Nuclear power seems in some ways much cleaner than other sources of energy. Take oil
or coal as an example. When they are used in power stations, a great deal of smoke is
produced. The smoke contains a great deal of acid. Even if the smoke is cleaned by filters, a lot of the acid still escapes into the air. This can be carried by clouds from power stations in
England to Scandinavia. When it rains there, the acid comes down with the rain. As a result, the fish, in lakes and trees in forests begin to die.
   But many people are still against nuclear power. They believe that the problem is not just
the danger of an accident in the atomic power stations. Highly radioactive material is used.
Radioactivity can cause cancer and other illnesses. Only a part of the material is used. The rest - called waste - is just as radioactive. Although it is still highly dangerous, this radioactive waste is often thrown into the sea. Nobody can be certain what will happen to it there. Only one thing is certain. It will be highly dangerous for at least 240.000 years.
1. What is mainly discussed in the text ?
A . The acid rain.
B . An alternative energy.
C . An atomic power station.
D . Highly radioactive material.
E . The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power.
Pembahasan :
Teks di atas mengenai keuntungan dan kerugian pemakaian energi nuklir.
       jawabannya adalah E
       2. The main idea of paragraph 2 is that ........
Ebtanas/Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2005 1
A . Nuclear power is very dangerous
B . Radioactivity may cause some diseases
C . Radioactive material is highly dangerous for man's life.
D . Many people disagree with the use of nuclear power
E . Radioactive waste will be highly dangerous for at least 240.000 years
Pembahasan :
Ide utama dari paragraf 2 adalah ketidak-setujuan pemakaian energi nuklir.
But many people are still against nuclear power.
       jawabannya adalah D
       3 . All of the following statements are true, EXCEPT ........
A . Acid rain makes plants fertile
B . The smoke produced by the burning coal contains a lot of acid
C . Nuclear power may cause some health problems
D . People should be aware of the danger of radioactive waste
E . When oil or coal is burned, it produces some smoke
Kunci : A
Penyelesaian :
Hal yang bertentangan dengan bacaan adalah hujan asam dapat membuat tumbuhan
menjadi subur (Acid rain makes plants fertile).
       4. "Nobody can be certain what will happen to it there," (paragaraph 2)
The underlined word means ........
A . locate
B . exist
C . come
D . occur
E . last
Pembahasan :
Happen sama dengan occur yang berarti terjadi.
       jawabannya adalah D
      5. ifa       : It's difficult for me to solve the mathematics problem. I can't do it myself.
          dita      : Let's solve it together, I'll have my brother ... us if we can't do it.
   A . help                                                    D . helped 
   B . to help                                                E . helping 
   C . helps
pembahasan :
Penggunaan causative dengan objek manusia (my brother) maka  kata kerjanya tanpa to.
Kemudian kata kerjanya ditambahi s karena "my brother" adalah orang ketiga tunggal.
jawabannya adalah C

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